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Warranty and Returns

As stated by the law consumer, the warranty covers only products exclusively for manufacturing defects and "non-compliance '' when buying throughout the distribution chain.
They are excluded then all faults, breakdowns or malfunctions caused by the use (also adjust according to instructions) and regular consumption due to periodic maintenance of models and products.
electric motors and speed 'regulators are not covered for failures caused by overheating, short circuit burns, prolonged use with consumption of components, mistake ratios and usage abuse objectionable material as recommended in the instructions.
In principle, any article modeling, can 'also be ruined by the user in a very short time, for example fuel mixture is too lean, lack of periodic maintenance, use of inappropriate mixtures in combustion engines. Or an electric model, the reckless and repeated use of forward and backward with acceleration and heavy braking.
A special case are the helicopters, which can also be destroyed without necessarily the pilot, already 'on the ground, with disastrous consequences for the electronics and mechanics. And yet the rechargeable batteries, which can also be damaged at the first charging, and on which there is no form of guarantee once being used, even once. The fact that we also use them only once means that the battery works and is 'free from manufacturing defects, and being a very simple object, can not' have hidden defects that occur at a later time. So used batteries can not be subject to a request for warranty service.
The right to withdraw from the purchase and 'valid only if the product is still new and sealed in its original packaging, complete with all its accessories, and is claimed within 8 days from delivery. The used product can not 'be replaced with a new one. Warranty repairs are carried out only after verifying that the model actually had a manufacturing defect and always upon presentation of proof of purchase of the retailer.
Not included in the warranty damage and failures from impact, moisture ', excessive heat, improper use of the model, or normal wear of components due to the use complies with the model itself over time, due to regular maintenance and repair operations. For flying models are obviously excluded all the damage done during the flight, of any kind.
For any problem, we recommend first contacting the dealer from whom you purchased the product, you certainly will know 'advice on what to do and try' also to solve the problem, if not due to warranty service, at the lowest possible cost. To keep in mind, however, that the dealer is not 'authorized to provide warranty service, which must be established exclusively at our office, after having examined the model in question. Any request for assistance must be accompanied by the receipt of the dealer, showing the date of purchase, and the models must be received in their entirety, with radiomando, battery, charger and all accessories and documents provided originally in the package.
All requests for assistance are not included in the guarantee, are subject to invoicing of any spare parts needed, and artisanal labor calculated at current costs.
We undertake us also there to try to solve all the problems in the best way, and how much more 'quickly as possible. We count but 'on the understanding, education, and compliance with the rules by consumers and retailers, who have not only rights, but also very specific duties.
We read and do always read the operating instructions and warranty conditions that are included in our articles.

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